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Fertility Stories

Fertility Stories

I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 ½ years. The diagnosis I was given by my reproductive endocrinologist was hypothalamic amenorrhea- my hormone production was out of sync and he did not believe it was a good chance of getting it where it needed to be without medication or treatment.  I tried Clomid 5 or 6 times with varying issues which did not result in pregnancy. I was having no cycle at this point and Clomid created a cycle but left me feeling poorly.  I decided to try to get my stress level down and my body back in balance by trying acupuncture. I met Kendra and we came up with a plan. She did say it may take a while, but I was willing to try anything to have a normal, drug-free cycle. After about 6 months I started having periods- not regular but things were happening and I was ovulating. I also found out I may have a bit of endometriosis which I had a hystosalpingogram to check it out.  Approximately I year after starting the regular acupuncture and Chinese herbs I found out I was pregnant. I do believe I could not have done it without Chinese medicine and a guide like Kendra. So far pregnancy is wonderful and I’m looking forward to a beautiful baby! Thank you and good luck to all of you who are trying. Be persistent and be patientJ


My husband and I started trying to have a baby about 3 years ago. After about I year of trying, we started to investigate fertility treatments, I went on Clomid and went through a series of 6 IUIs. After our last attempt, we knew that our next and seemingly only option was IVF. We often felt a lot of frustration with our doctors, wishing there were more answers. Our official diagnosis was unexplained fertility, we passed all the tests with flying colors. We took a couple months off to really think about it and give trying a rest. That’s when I found out more about how acupuncture can improve fertility.  I was pretty reluctant at first but willing to try it before taking on IVF. The amazing thing was that I actually started looking forward to the treatments and was always really relaxed afterwards. My husband and I decided to give it a few months, take a break from the other treatments. Unbelievably, our dreams came true after only five months of using acupuncture. And Kendra was even able to help me through the morning sickness, headaches and extreme tiredness. She was my life-saver, I recommend acupuncture to all the women I know now.

S. H.



My cycles had never been regular, actually I think that was the reason I went on the pill 15 years ago. When I went off the pill when I got married, I thought it would be pretty easy to get pregnant right away, but boy was I wrong. I didn’t even get my period for about 6 months before I tried acupuncture.  I was also feeling really out of sorts with my hypothyroidism and really bad PMS symptoms.  It took a good 3 or 4 months, but with acupuncture and herbs my periods started up again and I was soon able to track my cycles.  Kendra also made a bunch of changes to my diet and I started to incorporate more relaxation techniques into my life.  I found these life changes really changed my attitude about getting pregnant and I started to actually enjoy feeling healthier, like I was really taking good care of myself.  My focus changed from just getting pregnant to feeling healthier in general.  I think total I had regular acupuncture sessions for about 7 months, but it was worth all the effort, my baby girl was born without a hitch last February. I still get acupuncture for maintenance so I’m ready when we try for number 2!


TCM helped me regain a sense of balance and peace during my struggles with infertility. I sought treatment from Unbroken Flow Acupuncture after laparoscopic surgery that diagnosed and treated a fairly severe case of endometriosis. Reluctant to begin in vitro fertilization, I sought alternative approaches.

TCM not only helped my recovery from surgery; it helped me evaluate my diet, my exercise program and my overall approach to health. Kendra’s gentle demeanor and depth of knowledge immediately put me at ease, and I looked forward to each relaxing session.

I believe TCM played a significant role in my ability to conceive within three months of beginning treatment. Once I had conceived, I continued to visit Unbroken Flow to help me manage severe nausea and hives resulting from pregnancy. Today, I have a beautiful seven-month-old daughter and am grateful to Unbroken Flow Acupuncture. I highly recommend TCM to anyone seeking a complement to Western medicine.



…more stories to come.

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