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Women's Health:
Enhance Your Fertility

What Can You Do to Improve Your Reproductive Health?

  1. General Dietary Guidelines: Eat a balanced diet with as much organic, unprocessed food as possible. If you have a particular health concern, research foods that will help address and balance that concern. Eat in harmony with your environment, check out your local farmers market for ideas about foods that are seasonal, fresh and local. Or take a cooking class to spice up a new appreciation for food.
  1. Toxins To Avoid: pesticides and heavy metals, X-rays, scented products, household cleaners, solvents, paint products, car exhaust, detergents, paints, plastic wraps, textiles and cosmetics, and DES. Do not microwave plastic. Others to avoid include alcohol, smoking tobacco and/or marijuana, many prescription and recreational drugs, or caffeine.
  1. Relaxation: Learn to deeply breathe, meditate, or visualize. Try aromatherapy at home or in your bedroom. Check out local restorative yoga classes, or learn more about yoga and qi gong for fertility. Take a moment to check in with your major stressors and create a plan to better manage these and other blockages in your life. Go on vacation. Read a book, journal, or watch a comedy.
  1. Talk about it: Take a moment to check in with your support system; do you have enough people in your life to help you manage the stress of infertility? Is this stress causing relationship problems with your spouse or partner? Would seeking some talk therapy help to smooth these bumps and decrease some stress?
  1. Connect with Nature: Portland is blessed with many wonderful hiking, walking and other outdoor activities. Get enough time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Plant some seeds in your garden, dig your hands in the dirt and watch something grow. Use this as a metaphor for your body, cultivating and nourishing the growth of a beautiful living thing.
  1. Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) tablets online with worldwide shipping, including USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia from Colorado Infertility Doctors, University of Colorado Denver - Advanced Reproductive Medicine Division.
  1. Volunteer: Give to others, donate some time, focus on something or someone outside of yourself.
  1. Learn more: Check out these books for more information-

    The Infertility CureRandine Lewis
    Fertility & ConceptionZita West
    Conquering Infertility: mind/body guide to enhancing and coping with infertility - Alice Domar

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