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Recipes for Your Good Health

Winter Recipes

The ancient Chinese believed that human beings should live in harmony with the natural cycles of their environment. The cold and darkness of winter urges us to rest, store physical energy, and find inner warmth. Warm hearty soups, whole grains, and roasted nuts help to warm the body's core and to keep us nourished. Below are some of my favorite soup recipes; please add or subtract ingredients to make the recipes your own, but make sure to email me with the results!

*Please attempt to use as many organic, locally grown ingredients as possible. This practice not only promotes optimal health and well-being, but it also serves to better sustain the environment for generations to come.

Hearty Brown Rice and Veggie Soup

Festive Roasted Squash Soup

Get Well Fast Soup

Minestrone Madness

Mixed Root Soup

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